About Life Insurance 4 Mums

In 2013 Emily & Sion, the founders of Life Insurance 4 Mums asked an interesting question. When buying your first home you’re nearly always presented the option to buy life insurance to protect your mortgage and home. But when you’re expecting a baby, nobody is there to help you buy insurance to help protect your family in the same way!

And would you agree that major life events don’t get any bigger than having a baby?

What’s more we were shocked to discover that sadly every 22 minutes a child is bereaved of their parent in the UK* – but just 53% of parents own life insurance**  This surprised and confused us because it’s now cheaper and easier to get insurance today than ever before.

Meet Emily & Sion, the people behind Lifeinsurance4mums.co.uk:

About Emily

Emily CarwardineEmily ‘retired’ from her role as a sales manager for Barratt the house builder to become a stay-at-home mum and to work at lifeinsurance4mums.co.uk.

Between looking after two very spirited young boys, she said, “I love working on lifeinsurance4mums” and she continues, “I’m often found at my computer engaging with our Facebook fans, creating new posts, replying to our users emails, managing our users questions & comments or planning our next social media campaign.”

Emily also loves keeping fit and active by tracking her steps and activity on her Fitbit. She explains, “I’m in love with my Fitbit because being a mum of two very spirited children I never stop, and tracking my walking is far better than trying to find the time to get to a gym or go for a run!”  Emily seems to have found the perfect way of juggling her family, work and exercise commitments. Emily can be contacted by email here: emily@lifeinsurance4mums.co.uk.

About Sion

Sion JohnSion has 10 years experience in the personal insurance industry and has more recently forged a successful career in marketing of personal insurance. He’s now focussed on helping families source the best protection insurance.

In his spare time he enjoys taking his eldest son to football, rugby, tennis, swimming and the occasional Junior Park Run. And, he say’s, “I can’t wait until my youngest son is old enough to come along too!” Sion also enjoys regularly exercising outdoors and keeping fit with British Military Fitness. Sion can be contacted by email here: sion@lifeinsurance4mums.co.uk.

So that’s us in a nutshell, that’s where we’ve come from, what we do and why we do it – and we couldn’t be more passionate about it. We look forward to speaking to you.

*Childhood Bereavement Network
**Legal & General Value of a Parent 2015