Here’s How Life Insurance Can Make You Healthy

July 2, 2014 by Georgina El Morshdy

I had a VERY interesting conversation with another mum recently, which made me look at life insurance in a whole new way.

Business owner, homeworker, and mum of three Sarah wanted to get fit again.

The birth of her third child, coupled with the large amount of time she spends at her desk, was taking its toll. Sarah said that she noticed how she was feeling more lethargic, out of shape, and in desperate need of taking regular exercise!

As a result, she decided to join her local Virgin Active. That way, in addition to attending classes for herself, she could spend more quality time with her children.

After doing a quick Google search, Sarah stumbled upon an ad for a 50% discount at Virgin Active. Given the cost of the monthly membership, she decided this offer was worth exploring further.

Here’s what she discovered…

Buy life insurance and save money at Virgin Active

Discounted Virgin Active membership turned out to be just one of the many benefits that customers of the insurer PruProtect (through their £3 a month Vitality scheme) can enjoy.

In a nutshell, Vitality helps customers improve their health.

The scheme is described as a, healthy living rewards programme where we give you points for doing healthy things. Through Vitality we’ll help you understand how you can improve your health, make it cheaper to get healthy and give you rewards that keep you motivated.” Source: Pruhealth.

There are some really interesting and valuable benefits that span a wide range of healthy living activities including: fitness and exercise, nutrition, wellbeing and relaxation, screening, and smoking cessation.

You can view a full list of partner benefits via this link, and here are some of the benefits and rewards that attracted Sarah:

  • Virgin Active – 50% discount on flexible individual monthly membership fees
  • Vue Cinemas – one free cinema ticket PER WEEK
  • Champneys – discounted classic breaks and spa days

Worth taking out an additional policy?

Sarah told me that although she already has life insurance with Tesco, the Vitality scheme made it worth taking out a second policy for the whole family.

“I took out life insurance in my late twenties when I bought my first house. As I was young, a non-smoker and in good health I got a really cheap price for a 20 year, fixed term deal. Due to the low monthly fee, I wouldn’t consider replacing this policy with anything else. Therefore, my sole motivation for taking out additional cover with PruProtect was for the Vitality programme so my family and I could enjoy the benefits.

When I spoke with the insurance broker I was very clear that I wanted to pay the minimum monthly premium possible so I could add on the Vitality scheme. From memory, the minimum premium was £30 for a couple, with an additional £3 a month, per adult for the Vitality Plus scheme.”

Sarah said that in addition to taking out life cover for herself and her husband, her plan also included £30,000 of serious illness cover for her.

“As a self-employed business owner, I had no existing cover to protect my family in the event of me becoming seriously ill. I decided that now was a good time to add on this extra layer of protection. I now have £30,000 of serious illness cover.”

Enjoy valuable benefits for your children too

Sarah said that she was advised to add her children to the policy as well.

“It didn’t occur to me to add my children to the policy, but I was advised to do so because that way they could also benefit from the Vitality programme. One of the entertainment-based benefits is a FREE cinema ticket EACH WEEK for each person named on our policy.”

My kids and I LOVE going to the cinema, and given the cost of cinema tickets this made it a no-brainer. We’ve been to the cinema three times since joining the Vitality programme to see new films. Usually, I’d wait until the kids animations arrive at the cheap Kids AM cinema. I can’t face paying for a full price just in case one of the kids doesn’t like the film or the baby plays up and we have to leave. But with free tickets, it doesn’t matter. What’s more, with the summer holidays coming up, this benefit is going to be invaluable.“

I’ve got peace of mind AND I’m saving money

Sarah’s monthly premium came in at just over £38. This included life cover for herself and her husband, serious illness cover for herself and her three children and Vitality for the two adults.

“My main motivation for taking this cover was so I could benefit from half price Virgin Active membership. As a result, my decision to go ahead was really easy. After just ONE MONTH, I would be saving money compared with paying full price Virgin Active membership. And as an added bonus, any trips to the cinema would be FREE! What’s more, there are a host of other benefits that I’m yet to take advantage of. I’m especially attracted by the discounted breaks at Champneys.”

What does Sarah think about her policy?

“I didn’t think it was possible to get excited about life insurance! I’ve been a member at Virgin Active now for just over a month and I’m taking five classes a week (including yoga, zumba, and aqua). I also swim regularly with my children, and we now have a chilled out place that we can visit to relax as a family. And now that I’ve started to take regular exercise again, I feel so much better for it.”

Are you interested in PruProtect with Vitality?

If you’d like to get  a quote for PruProtect with Vitality for you and your family, please quote here. We’d be very happy to give you a quote along with more information.

Disclaimer: This is Sarah’s personal story and is not intended to provide you with any advice. You should always speak to your financial advisor before committing to anything to ensure that any financial decisions you do make are the most suitable for you and your family. For full, accurate details of PruProtect and the Vitality programme, please visit or click here to arrange a free, personalised quote.
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