Vitality: How to Get a FREE Weekly Cinema Ticket With Your Life Insurance

October 3, 2014 by Georgina El Morshdy

colwyn-bay-llandudno-within-20min-cineworld-cinema_displayOne of my favourite treats is a visit to the cinema.

Unfortunately, I see more kids movies these days, but I’m not complaining as I really enjoy them – as do my children. In fact, a trip to the cinema is something that’s guaranteed to get everyone excited.

Trouble is, tickets are NOT cheap! Especially when you have to buy four or five. In addition, I begrudge paying all that money when I can’t guarantee the kids will even enjoy the film or if my toddler will be quiet long enough for us to stay until the credits roll!

But I don’t have to think like this any more.

That’s because, with my PruProtect life Insurance with Vitality Plus scheme, I’m now entitled to a free ticket – per person – per week!

Let me explain…

Upgrade for additional perks

As a PruProtect customer, you’re able to upgrade your standard life insurance policy by bolting on Vitality Plus to unlock a range of additional benefits.

Vitality Plus membership costs £4 per person, per month.

As well as the regular PruProtect benefits, which includes discounted health checks, free fitness assessments, a discounted Weight Watches monthly pass, 50% off fitness trackers, and 75% off at Champneys, you can enjoy the following:

images1. A FREE cinema ticket EACH WEEK to Cineworld or Vue

When I discovered I could get a free cinema ticket EACH WEEK, I had to double-check and triple-check to ensure I wasn’t hearing things! After all, if you’re a regular cinema goer, this bonus alone could almost cover your monthly life insurance premium.

What’s more, if you add serious illness cover onto your policy for your children, your kids will be entitled to a weekly cinema ticket as well. Just think, you may never need to pay for the cinema again and you’ll ALWAYS have something to do at the weekends or during the holidays.

virginactive2. 50% off monthly gym membership with Virgin Active

Gym membership was one of the main reasons I opted for PruProtect life cover. I had already decided to join the gym, and the opportunity to halve the monthly fees appealed to me.

There are over 100 Virgin Active clubs to choose from across the country, and if facilities are anything like the quality I enjoy at my local club, your kids will LOVE being a member.

From family swimming, to racquet sports, to all kinds of exercise classes, and a fully equipped gym, you’ll find it easy to stay fit and get plenty of exercise. You’ll also discover a host of activities for kids. For example, ClubV keeps my children entertained, and they also attend swimming and tennis lessons (for an additional cost). My local club also has a small soft play area, which means my husband and I can enjoy some grown-up time while the kids run off steam.

“Between us, my husband and I save over £60 in membership fees as a result of our PruProtect Life Insurance.”

There are no discounts for my children, but child subscriptions are much cheaper.

3. Up to £15 a month off mobile phone contracts with BuyMobiles

As a Vitality Plus member, you can also receive monthly cash back courtesy of your mobile phone. Simply choose your preferred handset and 24-month call plan via BuyMobiles, and receive cash back based on your Vitality status. In short, the healthier you become, the higher your cash back will be.

4. Get up to 50% cash back on a bike with Evans Cycles

If you fancy getting fit through cycling, you can save money when you buy a bike from Evans Cycles.

Simply choose a bike online or in-store, pay in full, and over a period of four quarterly instalments, you’ll receive up to 50% of the cost back (as long as you still have your Vitality plan).

Similar to the BuyMobiles deal, the healthier you are, the more you’ll save. For example, if you have a Bronze Vitality status you can claim back 50% of the first £500. In comparison, if you have a Platinum status, the 50% cash back applies to the first £1,000.

You can also get money off travel, holidays, and entertainment. For example:

What is the cost of PruProtect Life Insurance with Vitality Plus?

Despite including this wide range of valuable extras, PruProtect life insurance is not expensive. Here are some prices to give you an idea of what you can expect:

Age Amount of Life + Serious Illness Cover Monthly Premium
31 £100,000 £28.34 + £4 for Vitality Plus
33 £100,000 £32.37 + £4 for Vitality Plus
35 £100,000 £37.71 + £4 for Vitality Plus
37 £100,000 £44.33 + £4 for Vitality Plus

There is a minimum monthly premium to be eligible for Vitality Plus. This is currently £20 for a single policy, and £30 for a joint policy.

“If you want to pay just enough to be over the Vitality threshold, just mention this to your insurance advisor. They will be able to calculate what cover you can have for the price you want to pay.” (rather than giving you a quote based on a set level of cover).

Could Vitality Plus be right for you? If you’d like to learn more about this option, check out this quick video.

And if you’d like to request a personalised quote and find out how much a monthly premium would be for you and your family, simply visit

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