Introducing PruProtect: How Life Insurance Can Improve Your Health and Fitness

September 24, 2014 by Georgina El Morshdy

About eight months after the birth of my third child, I realised it was time to get back into shape.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a total couch potato! With three kids, it’s pretty hard to sit around all day doing nothing. But because I tend to spend a lot of time at my desk, I felt I needed to do something to feel more energetic. I was also keen to kick some bad habits and get back my pre-mummy figure.

fit+mum_girlThe time had come! I needed to get out there and start doing more exercise. And my solution came from a strange source – I got myself some life insurance.

Let me explain…

Benefit from life cover whilst you’re alive!

If you’ve been having the same thoughts as I’ve just described, I think you’ll be interested in discovering more about PruProtect life insurance.

You see, PruProtect is in a league of its own when it comes to life cover.

In addition to offering that all important lump sum reassurance, PruProtect includes a range of valuable benefits as standard, which help improve your health and fitness.

Here are five of the biggies:

1. Get a health check for £15

For starters, you can arrange a comprehensive health MOT for just £15. Simply attend a pharmacy in the Pru’s network to have your cholesterol, glucose, blood pressure and BMI (body mass index) professionally measured. Alongside your results, you’ll be given some practical advice to help improve your health. If you’re looking to focus on your general wellbeing, this check is a great way to kick-start your fitness programme, as it will help you understand the “invisible” key indicators hidden inside your body.

2. Free fitness assessment

Attend a Virgin Active gym and take part in an assessment with a fitness expert to help you understand your overall fitness levels. The assessment takes around 30 minutes and whilst activities will vary from gym to gym, could include a blood pressure reading, calculating your BMI and a simple fitness test. You don’t need to be a Virgin Active member to benefit. Just book around two weeks in advance to secure your preferred spot. Following the assessment, you’ll be given some trusted advice about what you can do to improve your fitness.

3. Help to lose weight

If you want to shift those post-pregnancy pounds or you’d just like to get back to a healthier weight, your PruProtect plan can help with that too. It’s not easy losing weight, but a structured plan and support network can often help provide the motivation and inspiration you need to succeed. With PruProtect, you can get a Weight Watchers Monthly Pass for up to 12 months for just £30. (The standard monthly fee for a pass is currently £21.45, so this is a big saving). Not only that. When you achieve your goal weight, you’ll get your £30 subscription refunded.

4. 50% off fitness trackers

A simple way to get fitter is to move more! And as mum’s we do tend to get around a lot. A fitness tracker is a really simple way to measure how much activity you’re doing – therefore making it super easy to increase the amount of exercise you do each day. One option is Fitbug. This simple device clips to your clothes or a belt and counts your daily steps. Currently, as a PruProtect customer, you can buy a Fitbug for as little as £34.95 – and that price even includes P&P!

5. Save money at Champneys – 75% off in fact!

And if after all that extra exercise and focus on your health, the Pru even has relaxation covered. It makes sense – relaxation and stress reduction is essential if you want to stay well. So if you want some down time (or even some quality time for yourself away from the kids), why not treat yourself to a spa break and take advantage of all the facilities. You deserve it!

And that’s not all

There is a number of other health and fitness related benefits that you can enjoy as a PruProtect policyholder. You can view a comprehensive list HERE. These benefits are FREE for all people who buy life insurance with PruProtect.

Plus, if you add on the Vitality Plus scheme, you unlock even more benefits such as a FREE cinema ticket (every week) and 50% off Virgin Active Gym membership. I’ll talk more about these benefits next week…

How much life insurance does £8 a month buy with PruProtect?

PruProtect has done an interesting job of differentiating itself within a very competitive insurance market. What’s more, the life insurance itself is very good value for money. Premiums start from just £8 a month. To give you an idea, here’s the level of cover you can get for £8 a month (depending on your age).

Age Monthly premium Life cover amount
25 £8 £169,778
30 £8 £128,660
35 £8 £85,620
All quotes correct as of 19th September 2014. Fixed premiums. Level cover. 25-year term.

How to get the best deal

If you’d like to get a life insurance quote for yourself, CLICK HERE.

You can compare prices and cover from a range of different insurers. And if you’d like to access the PruHealth benefits, remember to ask for a price comparison that includes PruProtect. This is the only insurer to offer these kinds of benefits.

If you want an “excuse” to get fit and healthy and like the idea of getting more value for money from your life insurance policy, PruProtect could be a good match.

P.S. I found this nice video on YouTube. I can relate to Louise’s story. Can you?

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