Life Insurance, Gremlins and Free Cinema Tickets?!

October 23, 2014 by Georgina El Morshdy

What do you think is the best approach to encourage mums to get insurance?

Do any of these approaches do it for you?

1. Big up the incentives

Personally, I really like the approach taken by PruProtect.

I think they get around people’s reluctance to talk about life insurance by sweetening the discussion with a focus on added-value benefits. Let’s be honest, you wouldn’t automatically associate life insurance with the likes of free cinema tickets and half-price gym membership, would you? But by taking this approach, PruProtect can add value – whether or not your policy pays out. In turn, this makes your policy more useful PLUS it allows you to talk about taking insurance for another reason – not just the possibility you may die.

I also love the message, which PruProtect reinforces through their focus on health and wellbeing. By promoting wellness and vitality and giving customers incentives and rewards to stay healthy, this insurer is making a positive contribution to the lives of many families. And with well-respected celebrities such as Lord Coe and Jessica Ennis backing the scheme, there are plenty of talking points to get potential customers engaged with the idea of organising life cover.

In this way, PruProtect cover goes beyond financial planning for the worse and incentivises people to choose a lifestyle that could prolong life. Pretty smart.

2. Break the norm

Beagle Street has taken a different approach to standing out.

Have you seen their new advert? It’s called Reborn.

2014-10-23_1044This ad has caused a bit of discussion amongst parents lately, and if you were a child of the 80s (like me), perhaps you can understand why! I remember being terrified of the movie Gremlins. In fact, if I close my eyes now, I can still recall the terrifying scene as the Gremlins multiplied by “popping off” the parent. Scary stuff! Now I’m pretty sure if I were to watch the movie now, I’d probably find the same scene funny – after all, special effects have come on a long way. But as a child, this movie gave me nightmares!

And this is where Beagle Street comes in, because to grab attention they’ve made a link between Gremlins and life insurance.

It’s true, choosing life insurance can be a bit of a nightmare. As such, their “Reborn” advert portrays a scary “gremlin”, which transforms into something a little less frightening to position their offer as, “a simple, friendly life insurance service online”.

Interestingly, this ad has got people divided. Here’s what some folk have been saying over on Facebook…

“Love it, makes me laugh everytime I watch it, certainly not what you would expect from a life insurance advert!”

“Think it’s awful! No watershed time it’s frightening for kids don’t like it at all.”

“Why oh why with a name like Beagle Street do you not have a gorgeous beagle on your advert?”

“Probably the weirdest, twisted advert I have seen in a long time”

Admittedly, I can see why little ones may be a little freaked out, but would this different approach make you more willing to enquire about life cover?

3. Talk with a niche

Alternatively, perhaps life insurance makes the most sense to you when you can see the benefit it will have to your children.

I guess, a little like the approach we take here at Life Insurance 4 Mums. Because we specialise in providing mums with the cover they need to best protect their family, lots of women do use our site to get a quote and get insured. By debunking the myths and explaining the value of insurance in a way that makes sense to busy mums, we hope to make it easy for you to get peace of mind and get the right cover.

Want to know one of the biggest problems with life insurance?

It’s death and dying…

These are two subjects, which we just don’t want to talk about (myself included).

Now the reasons for this reluctance are pretty obvious. But here’s the thing. If you can’t have a proper chat with your partner to ensure you’ve got proper financial provision in place (should the worst happen), you are taking a risk.

Which is why it’s so important to have that conversation – even if it does feel awkward and uncomfortable.

After all:

  • Could your family cope if you suddenly lost an income?
  • Would you have additional childcare costs to cover?
  • Would you children have to go without the little luxuries they currently enjoy?

These are all challenges that families can (and do) face.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not suggesting for a second that money can make up for losing a parent. That would be a ridiculous statement to make. But wouldn’t you agree that a lump sum could remove financial pressures in the short-term – and leave you free to focus on your children’s needs?

We do…

And it’s for this reason that the team here at Life Insurance for Mums want to raise awareness of the importance of getting cover – whilst making it easy for you to get a quote.

Of course we’re not alone in this quest.

Which approach appeals to you?

As a mum, you have stacks of choice when it comes to taking out life insurance. So how do you decide which insurance provider to choose? Are you swayed on price, on added-value benefits, or the way the insurer positions its offer?

I’m intrigued to know what you think, so please leave your comments in the space below.


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