PruProtect Vitality Optimizer: Get Upfront Discounts & Rewards for Being Fit & Healthy

October 8, 2014 by Georgina El Morshdy

As a mum, it’s often hard to find quality time for myself.

Don’t get me wrong, I love all the mum stuff that keeps me busy (most of the time anyway!) But because there’s always so much to do, it can be tricky to keep active.

And that’s one of the reasons why I find PruProtect’s Vitality programme so refreshing.

2014-10-08_1231You see, as a life insurance provider, their policies are created to reward you for taking care of your health.

Let me explain…

Introducing PruProtect Vitality Optimizer

Vitality is PruProtect’s health and wellbeing programme.

There are three different levels:

1. Vitality – which includes a range of standard healthy living rewards

2. Vitality Plus – a bolt-on that unlocks additional rewards including free cinema tickets and half-price Virgin Active membership

3. Vitality Optimizer – This includes all the Vitality Plus rewards with an additional upfront discount on your monthly premiums, which you retain (or even reduce further) by collecting vitality points

Here’s how it works…

Collect Vitality points and achieve one of four “status” levels

Over the year, by taking part in healthy activities, you can collect Vitality points.

There are four different levels, which you can achieve (depending on the number of points you earn). The diagram below outlines the criteria for the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum levels.







If you opt for Vitality Optimizer, as a new policyholder you’ll start at Gold. Then, whenever you do certain healthy things, you’ll earn points. Simple! Here are a few examples to show you this points system in practice:

  • Get 10 points per exercise session (up to a maximum of 40 points per week)
  • Sign the non smokers declaration for 100 points
  • Complete the online health review for 100 points
  • Complete other online reviews for varying point scores etc.

In addition, once inside the password protected member zone, you can track your points. What’s more, the system will even make recommendations to help you achieve the next level.

The online points calculator is a handy tool, which you can use to predict the Vitality status you could achieve.

If you want to track your fitness over time, the Vitality membership zone is ideal. Inside, you can see when you earned points and visually monitor when you took exercise. The membership zone is easy to use and with the huge range of activities on offer whereby you can earn Vitality points, it shouldn’t be too difficult to clock up a fair few over a year.

What’s the cost of the Vitality Optimizer?

Despite the inclusion of a huge number of valuable benefits, PruProtect policies are extremely well priced. Check out the following table, which shows a quote comparison from 3rd October 2014.

Comparison for a non-smoker age 32 for £100,000 Life & Serious Illness cover over a fixed term of 25 years:

Insurer Monthly Premium
PruProtect Essentials (with Optimizer) £27.21
Bright Grey £27.70
Zurich £27.80
AVIVA £28.00
Ageas £29.47
Legal & General £29.92
PruProtect Essentials (without Optimizer) £30.25
LV £32.28

As you can see, the PruProtect Essentials policy WITH Vitality Optimiser (offering you an up-front discount on your premium) is the cheapest of all the UK’s other insurers! And compared with the standard PruProtect policy, the upfront discount means you’ll save £3.04 per month.

There is a “but” though…

To retain your upfront discount, you’ll need to engage with the Vitality scheme. If you want to keep paying your discounted rate, you’ll need to achieve a Gold standard. If you only achieve Bronze or Silver status (that’s between 0 – 1600 points), your premiums will decrease. However, if you achieve Platinum status (that’s 2400 points), your premiums could drop further still.

The chance to earn cash back too

Finally, with Vitality Optimizer you also have the chance to earn cash back – unless you remain on Bronze status! Call it another incentive to proactively improve your health and wellbeing. Depending on the status you achieve after 12 months, you can get:

  • £50 (for Silver)
  • £75 (for Gold) or
  • £100 (for Platinum)

This cash reward is doubled if your plan covers two people.

So if you were to achieve Gold status (with 1600 points), not only would you keep your upfront discount you could also receive £75 cash back, which based on the quote example above is the equivalent of around 2.5 months cover for free.

What’s right for you?

PruProtect with Vitality is certainly unique. I love the sentiment. The way I see it, PruProtect knows that life insurance is a necessity for mums with dependents. But instead of cover that’s only useful should the worst happen, it proactively rewards healthy living – which could reduce the chance of a premature death.

If you’d like to discover how much PruProtect’s Vitality Optimizer would cost you, grab yourself a free, no obligation quote by clicking here > Life Insurance 4 Mums.

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