Six Reasons We Love PruProtect Life Insurance

October 28, 2014 by Georgina El Morshdy

Here at Life Insurance 4 Mums we do our best to NOT be biased.

But when an insurance policy like PruProtect’s comes along, it just wouldn’t be right to keep it to ourselves!

And if you’re wondering what all the fuss is about, here are the top six reasons we love this life insurance:

1. You’ll be entertained

cineworld_vueI agree. Very rarely would you put entertainment and life insurance together. After all, logic tells you that the two shouldn’t mix. Well, interestingly that’s NOT the case with PruProtect. You see, when you become a Vitality customer you get one free cinema ticket, per person named on the policy, PER WEEK. Seriously!

Tickets are available for Cineworld and Vue, which means you can enjoy a cheeky date night or a trip out with the kids for free. And when you consider the cost of cinema tickets, this is a pretty valuable bonus, don’t you think?

2. You’ll be fitter

Want to keep up with your kids? If so, it pays to lead an active lifestyle and take plenty of exercise. But what do you do if the cost of gym membership is prohibitive? Interestingly, PruProtect helps with this too by offering 50% off monthly gym memberships at Virgin Active. Facilities vary by site, but as a member you can access a huge range of classes, swimming facilities, and gym space with the latest exercise equipment. What’s more, with your kids kept busy at VClub, you’ll find the time you need to do something for yourself too.

3. You’ll feel pampered

PamperedBarcePart2TStaying fit and healthy isn’t just about sweating it out at the gym. Relaxing and taking time for yourself is a crucial element of overall wellbeing. But as a mum, you know how hard it can be to find the time to relax and enjoy quality “me” time. Not only that, it’s all too easy to feel guilty spending money on yourself – especially when there’s always something else you could do for your kids.

The good news is that the Vitality scheme helps you treat yourself with a little less guilt. That’s because you can get up to 75% off a one, two, or three night Classic or Spa Break at Champneys. Imagine. You could enjoy a weekend away with the girls, a romantic weekend with your partner, or just some quality time to yourself. Whichever option you go for, a spa pampering is bound to leave you feeling wonderful, don’t you think?

4. You’ll live longer

As a mum, I’m sure you have a long list of things, which you want to enjoy with your family. So choose to live a healthy, active life because as this article proves, “the fittest do live longer.

And PruProtect can help here too. You see, the Vitality Scheme makes it easy for you to take part in an incentives programme, which rewards healthy choices. Simply put, Vitality is a points scheme, which rewards you for staying active and making lifestyle choices which promote wellbeing. For example, you earn points for exercising, learning about your health, and cutting out habits such as smoking.

And it’s not just about the points… as a PruProtect customer, you can earn cash back AND enjoy cheaper life insurance if you proactively take steps to be fitter and healthier.

5. You’ll save £££s

With Vitality, you can take advantage of the huge selection of partner programmes and save money.

I’ve already mentioned the monthly savings available from Virgin Active, but did you know you could also earn monthly cash back on mobile phone contracts as well as cash back for engaging with the Vitality programme itself?

But that’s not all:

That’s your family entertainment sorted then!

6. You’ll lose weight

Finally, if you need to shift a few pounds and achieve a healthier weight, you can join Weight Watchers at a discounted rate through the Vitality programme. In fact, you can get a Monthly Pass for up to 12 months for just £30. Wow!

It’s easy to unlock these benefits and discounts

PruProtect takes a different approach to life insurance. You see, this insurance policy isn’t there just in case you die. As a customer, you also benefit when you’re alive by unlocking a host of lucrative bonuses.

You’ll find that your Vitality benefits are in two-tiers. Some benefits are free to all customers, whilst others are included with the Vitality Optimizer and Vitality Plus schemes. These options do incur a small additional fee. The fee however is very small – just £4 with Vitality Plus and £3 with Vitality Optimizer.

How much does PruProtect Life Insurance Cost?

Of course, your insurance quote will depend on the amount of life cover you need – but regardless, I’m sure you’ll find it very competitive. That’s because PruProtect life insurance is incredibly well priced.

What’s more, if you’re just after the benefits, work backwards! By this I mean ask your insurance broker to calculate the amount of cover you can get for the minimum PruProtect policy premium. This is £20 per month for a single policy and £30 per month for a couple (plus the Vitality Optimizer or Plus fee).

To give you an idea, here are some prices, by age for £250,000 of level term life insurance PLUS £100,000 of serious illness cover. Prices based on PruProtect Vitality Optimizer, non-smoker rates and on a fixed term of 20 years.

Age Amount of serious illness cover Amount of life cover Monthly premium + Vitality Optimizer
26 £100,000 £350,000* £21.84 £3
28 £100,000 £250,000 £21.50 £3
30 £100,000 £250,000 £24.22 £3
32 £100,000 £250,000 £27.56 £3
34 £100,000 £250,000 £31.14 £3
36 £100,000 £250,000 £36.87 £3
38 £100,000 £250,000 £42.74 £3
40 £100,000 £250,000 £51.56 £3

*Based on £350,000 of life Cover to satisfy minimum premium requirement of £20 a month.

Why do you love PruProtect?  

Are you a PruProtect customer? If so, please tell us what you love most about your policy in the comments below. Your feedback could help other mums make the right insurance choice for their family.

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