That’s Not Fair…

July 23, 2014 by Georgina El Morshdy

Life isn’t fair!

This is phrase I seem to be using more and more with my eldest daughter.

She keeps complaining and comparing herself to her sister – and she’s decided her younger sibling is definitely getting the better deal.

I’ve heard it all…

It’s not fair that I have to go to school (um, you didn’t either when you were three).

It’s not fair that I have to get dressed by myself (I helped you too when you were your sister’s age).

It’s not fair that my sister got new clothes (I thought she deserved something new in amongst all her hand-me-downs].


Please tell me this is just a phase. You see despite my best efforts to explain why she CAN’T be treated the same; my logic is not getting through.

And it’s the school holidays!

But that’s another conversation…

Anyway, all this talk of it “not being fair,” reminded me of a common question we get asked here at Life Insurance 4 Mums…

That question is what about dads?

Yep, you got us there.

It’s a very good point.

After all, it’s not just mums who need to take out life cover. Dads need insurance too – especially if they are the main breadwinner.

Now, we didn’t want dads to feel left out and so in recent weeks we’ve been thinking hard about how to address this issue. And in this blog I’m going to reveal EXACTLY what we’ve come up with. So if your other half is yet to sort out his life cover, this blog is essential reading…

Shall we let them in?

Initially, we thought about allowing dads to get a quote at Life Insurance 4 Mums. Sure this would have been an easy fix, but it just felt wrong.

Experience shows us that mums have difference concerns to dads when it comes to life insurance. But I guess that’s not at all surprising. It’s a fact that men and women are built differently (and I don’t just mean anatomically). As a result, our views on parenting are often different.

For me, this picture sums up this point perfectly!

throwing-a-kid-in-the-air-as-the-father-sees-it (2)

When it comes to life insurance, dads have different needs, questions and queries. This meant that opening the doors to dads was never going to work for us.

What’s more, the feedback we receive from our female customers reinforced this decision.

Mums tell us they like that there’s a “special place” just for them to get their life insurance sorted. In fact, it’s our best-kept secret and a feature we were determined to maintain.

Announcing the birth of a new service

So instead, we’ve created a whole new site.

And no prizes for its name – the website is called lifeinsurance4dads and it’s live as we speak. You can check it out when you click here.

When you visit, you’ll notice the site has a familiar feel. That’s because we’ve replicated all the key features that you love at Life Insurance 4 Mums including the quote request form and the ability to shop around to get the best price for your specific requirements.

Pretty cool, right?

Life Insurance 4 Dads makes it really quick and easy for your husband, fiancé, boyfriend or partner to make an informed decision about the best life insurance policy for him and your family.

Filling out the quote form does not make your partner obligated. All quotes are free as is the polite and helpful service that they’ll receive when they enquire about their options.

Is your partner currently uninsured?

It’s an uncomfortable fact that many dads are yet to invest in life insurance.

After all, when you’re young, fit and healthy it’s not the first thing that springs to mind! But as a mum reading this blog you’re aware of the importance of getting a policy sorted for your man. I know I gave my husband the push to get himself some cover sorted a few years ago – it just hadn’t occurred to him that it was something he needed to do.

Back then Life Insurance 4 Dads wasn’t available. For ease and speed, my husband took out a policy with his bank. Job done. But looking back, I’m not sure he got the best deal. After all, there are hundreds of policies on the market.

And that’s the real beauty of the new service from Life Insurance 4 Dads…

Through the site your partner can search the WHOLE market to ensure he makes the best choice. He’ll also save himself time as well as money because he won’t have to phone around or fill out lots of quote request forms. One form does it all.

And if your partner is reluctant, just give him a gentle nudge! Remind him that life insurance isn’t a luxury. If you have dependents – it’s a must. And whilst life cover is a form of financial protection that no one wants to cash in, it does offer invaluable financial security should the worst happen.

We’re really excited about the launch of the new site. And if you know of any dads who need to get cover sorted, please spread the word. We’d value your help in ensuring more families get peace of mind that their financial situation is protected should the unthinkable happen.

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