Who Else Wants Them to Stay Little?

August 6, 2014 by Georgina El Morshdy

We’re getting ready to celebrate a BIG event in my house this week.

My baby boy is turning one and if I’m honest it’s really freaking me out!

I’m struggling to get my head around the fact that a whole year has passed already. I know time flies, but seriously, this year feels as though it’s been on fast-forward.

But at least I have my photo memories of this amazing first year.

If you’re like me, I’m sure you have thousands of pictures of your little ones too – all carefully stored on your phone and computer. Even better, you probably have lots of video clips in your collection as well.

I love videoing my kids – it’s great how you can capture everything and then look back to remind yourself how your child spoke, how they moved, all those cute little facial expressions… it beats a photo.

However, there is a flip side here…

That’s because I’m sure us mums are going to be the cause of MANY an embarrassed teenager in years to come. After all, because it’s so quick and easy to whip out your phone and capture your child in action, many more moments will be stored forever. And when you’re a teen those moments may not feel quite so cute!

(Anyway, I think embarrassing your child is allowed after all you get put through on a daily basis, don’t you agree?)

Have you seen Sadie?

Talking about the power of video, have you seen the clip that’s been doing the rounds on social this week?


(Click to Watch)

The clip is of little 5-year-old Sadie who’s crying hysterically because she doesn’t want her baby brother to grow up! It’s ultra cute – especially when you spot the cheeky face of her little brother in the background.

As a viewer, I’m sure you found the video is VERY funny, but as a mum I bet you can also relate to Sadie’s feelings.

She doesn’t want her brother to grow up because she “loves his cute little smiles”, and as a mum I expect you’ve felt exactly this way from time to time!

After all, whilst it’s exciting seeing your child take the next step – and we want to encourage them onwards – just like little Sadie understands, when one stage starts – another one ends. And that can feel sad.

For example, I LOVE watching my little boy crawl. It’s very cute hearing his little hands slapping on the floor – he won’t do that so much when he can walk.

And it’s not just the physical stuff that changes…

Who else feels a twinge of sadness when you become “muuuum” instead of “mummy?”

Or when the demands for constant cuddles and kisses become less and less

Or when your child would rather spend the weekend with their friends than you

But of course you can’t hold back time.

What’s more, in reality you don’t really want to.

Because that’s our job as a parent…

It’s all temporary…

We get to hold our children, but only for a short time.

But in that short time, it’s up to us to ensure our children have the BEST possible start – whilst you treasure every moment.  For example, we need to teach them how to find their way and be a success in the world. We have to stand back whilst they make their own mistakes (however hard that can be). We have to hold their hands when they get hurt and explain away the sadness and challenges.

Worst of all, we have to gradually let them go.

But in return we get to feel huge pride at their achievements, feel joy at their joy, and watch our children grow and explore the world on their terms.

And thanks to digital technology, everything can be recorded so we can reflect back and remember our journey through parenthood – even after the magic of a particular moment is long gone.

It seems to me that little Sadie is wiser than her years. She understands the sadness that we mums feel at seeing our little ones grow up – and eventually grow away.

Saying that, no matter how old they are they are always OUR babies.

What do you think?

How do you feel about your little ones growing up? Do you shed a little tear (or a few more like Sadie) when you have to say goodbye to a stage of their development? Please let me know in the comments below.

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